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About Katya Kinski

Learn more about Katya Kinski, Russian Ballerina & Pilates Master Teacher

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Welcome to

Katya Kinski Pilates Studio

Cape Town, Camps Bay

For over twenty years Katya Kinski Pilates Studio in Cape Town has been taking pride in providing a Pilates experience of the highest quality, teaching methodically, carefully and with great attention to detail.

Regardless of your age or fitness level, your workout will be tailored to meet your personal abilities and requirements. The approach is holistic and positively spiced with healthy humour. Regular practice will dramatically improve your body shape, tone, fitness and core strength, which all contribute to enhanced sports performance and help prevent injuries.

If you enjoy golf, running, cycling, rugby, cricket, horse riding or dancing- look no further.  Katya has loads of experience in helping top sportsmen and women to achieve results safely and effectively. Should it be required, she will liaise with your doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor, biokineticist, nutritionist, sports trainer etc.

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.“​ – Joseph Pilates

Studio Space and Equipment

Your special time at the studio will be completely private, no other teachers will be conducting classes at the same time.

The spacious studio is fully equipped with every possible large and small Pilates apparatus ( Reformers, Cadillacs, Wonder Chair, rollers, balls and much more)

It is in a quiet part of Camps Bay with incredible views.

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(CPD/CEU Accredited Courses by Stellenbosch University)
Gift Voucher

Spoil your loved one with a Pilates voucher for a Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or an Anniversary.

The best gift for a beginner would be a starter pack of 4 private or semi-private lessons. For a seasoned “Pilatean”, you may consider a month of group classes or a private lesson using all the apparatus. Otherwise, you can choose any monetary value to allow your loved one to make a preference. You have the potential to change someone’s life and career with an instructor course at Pilates Academy SA.

Please SMS or Whatsapp Katya directly at 0832356238 and she will email you the voucher within 48 hours.

Katya Kinski Pilates Studio - Gift Voucher
The Benefits of Pilates
  • Become more successful in your career and personal life through improved perceptions of others (your posture is a big part of first impressions as it is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings )
  • Reduce stress
  • Locate and strengthen your core
  • Age well
  • Flatten your stomach after pregnancy
  • Decrease repetitive strain  injuries and improve balance
  • Improve results on the sports field with postural awareness
  • Alleviate back and neck pain while you allocate and activate deep core muscles.
  • Learning how to stand taller creates a slimmer more shapely physique within just a few lessons.
  • Recognizing and alleviating faulty postural habits are the first steps to a pain-free life.
  • Enjoy an hour of fun and an energizing full-body workout
  • Cardiovascular benefits come as you master the beginner level and step into the intermediate to advanced level. 
  • Weight loss/ maintenance is a common long-term side effect
  • Tone and strengthen or lengthen the correct muscles for your individual posture.
  • Improve your lung capacity
  • No chanting/worshipping.   Pilates is scientifically developed and has no religious component.
  • Stimulate connections between the right and left parts of your brain to promote “out of the box” thinking
Online Pilates Class Options
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Frequently Asked Questions

Katya: Please see below quotes from some of the studio’s clients:

Leanne Mostert  (World Champion in Dressage)
Pilates has been fantastic for my flexibility, strength and posture. I had lower back surgery, but since I started Pilates I no longer suffer from back pain or feel limited with my back movement. I have also found Pilates to be the best exercise to complement my sport. Katya is a great teacher who encourages me to explore my physical boundaries in a safe and expert manner.

Roland Schoeman  (Olympic champion and World record-holder)
I had an opportunity to spend 5 weeks with Katya Kinski after being diagnosed with 2 bulged disks in my lower back. It wasn’t until after our first session that I understood how much work was required to strengthen and stabilize my core. After five weeks, the difference in my body was profound. My core flexibility and stamina are better than ever. The benefit it is going to have on my swimming is immeasurable.

Honorata Saar  (South African Pole Vault Champion)
After recovering from a stress fracture in my lower spine I was told I should never vault again. I believed however that your body has the power to heal. After completing my rehab program I still experienced back pain when training hard, it was evident I needed to improve my core strength and to work on balancing out my body. Katya has helped me achieve exactly this through her knowledge. She helped me to understand the value of precision in Pilates.  After adding her classes to my training schedule I no longer have pain and have been able to continue with, and improve my sport. Thank youKatya

Katya: Pilates was invented by German-born gymnast, Joseph Pilates who used to train the Police force.

So primarily it was designed for men. However, his technique is suitable for men and women alike. Doctors recommend it for the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Joseph Pilates used to call his system Contrology, many people now call it the Intelligent exercise. Men as well as women need postural awareness and strength to survive a long day at the computer.

Katya: Pilates is the best way to start your fitness regime.

When you attempt a vigorous gym or stretch programme you often find that you have to stop, because of various injuries that you accumulate as you go along.  This can make you more despondent. Pilates places intense concentration on deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, which is why Pilates has emerged as the most effective way to flatten your stomach.  Pilates has no impact on your joints and you get fit at your pace, progressively.    Small postural muscles work even when you are at rest, therefore you burn calories even when you sleep.   It really helps to control your weight.   Our instructors will make everyone feel welcome and accepted.

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Can You Lose Weight with Pilates?

Pilates can definitely help you burn calories but its benefits far outweigh just being lighter on the scale. In fact, weight loss comes as a welcome side effect. Like any mechanical structure, the human body needs good alignment and a proper relationship with gravity to function normally…

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