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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Katya: Please see below quotes from some of the studio’s clients:

Leanne Mostert  (World Champion in Dressage)
Pilates has been fantastic for my flexibility, strength and posture. I had lower back surgery, but since I started Pilates I no longer suffer from back pain or feel limited with my back movement. I have also found Pilates to be the best exercise to complement my sport. Katya is a great teacher who encourages me to explore my physical boundaries in a safe and expert manner.

Roland Schoeman  (Olympic champion and World record-holder)
I had an opportunity to spend 5 weeks with Katya Kinski after being diagnosed with 2 bulged disks in my lower back. It wasn’t until after our first session that I understood how much work was required to strengthen and stabilize my core. After five weeks, the difference in my body was profound. My core flexibility and stamina are better than ever. The benefit it is going to have on my swimming is immeasurable.

Honorata Saar  (South African Pole Vault Champion)
After recovering from a stress fracture in my lower spine I was told I should never vault again. I believed however that your body has the power to heal. After completing my rehab program I still experienced back pain when training hard, it was evident I needed to improve my core strength and to work on balancing out my body. Katya has helped me achieve exactly this through her knowledge. She helped me to understand the value of precision in Pilates.  After adding her classes to my training schedule I no longer have pain and have been able to continue with, and improve my sport. Thank youKatya

Katya: Pilates was invented by German-born gymnast, Joseph Pilates who used to train the Police force.

So primarily it was designed for men. However, his technique is suitable for men and women alike. Doctors recommend it for the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Joseph Pilates used to call his system Contrology, many people now call it the Intelligent exercise. Men as well as women need postural awareness and strength to survive a long day at the computer.

Katya: Pilates is the best way to start your fitness regime.

When you attempt a vigorous gym or stretch programme you often find that you have to stop, because of various injuries that you accumulate as you go along.  This can make you more despondent. Pilates places intense concentration on deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, which is why Pilates has emerged as the most effective way to flatten your stomach.  Pilates has no impact on your joints and you get fit at your pace, progressively.    Small postural muscles work even when you are at rest, therefore you burn calories even when you sleep.   It really helps to control your weight.   Our instructors will make everyone feel welcome and accepted.

Katya: When you take your car for regular wheel alignment you prevent structural disruption to the car’s mechanics.

Like any mechanical structure, the human body needs good alignment and a proper relationship with gravity, to function normally.  Pilates teaches you how to utilize deep postural muscles and to deal with any deviation from your optimal posture. This helps to achieve muscular balance and to prevent repetitive strain injuries during any physical activity, including sitting and standing.   

Katya: Gym exercises mainly focus on cardiovascular fitness and improving muscle to fat ratio.

Pilates has a totally different philosophy. It focuses on achieving an optimal postural alignment and appropriate core strength first, which ensures a task of getting fit much safer and any workout more effective. Pilates prepares you to enjoy any sporting activity and minimizes the risk of an injury.

Katya: The classes with me are very personal and allow progression under proper supervision.

I get to know my client’s story, goals and inspirations and I have a full commitment to help each person to realize his/her full potential. Together with a client, we set the goals, based on individual needs in an environment which is positive and supportive. The atmosphere is tranquil at my studio. Everyone’s posture is different, it takes a well-trained eye to analyze any faulty movement patterns and advice on correcting them during the training.

Either I or one of my team members will expertly guide you or will implement recommendations from your medical practitioner whenever necessary.

Katya: Learning Pilates principles involves considerable concentration which takes your mind off the worries of the day.

The mental focus helps you to feel calmer and improves concentration. In contrast to some techniques which use momentum or mindless repetition, the Pilates method teaches conscious engagement.   By learning to focus on every movement and proper breathing you will develop a sense of integration, fluidity and balance.  The breathwork and release of endorphins will help you to feel better. Well-timed, specifically targeting stretches have a very positive effect on your wellbeing.  I don’t believe exercise must be serious, light humour provides great relief from stress.

Katya: Pilates is well recognized by physiotherapists, biokineticists and orthopedic specialists.

It is especially beneficial in the post-rehabilitation stages. Like with any other exercise, first of all, you need to have a proper diagnosis and written medical permission to start Pilates. The doctor’s recommendations regarding specific movement are also essential. You should start with private lessons. Keep in mind that not all certified Pilates instructors are skilled at providing help with the post-rehab. Our team however will be able to help you, depending on the severity of the injury. We will need to get some medical or radiological reports prior to your booking. Please contact me on  or Whatsapp on 0832356238.


Clothing: Please wear something stretchy and comfortable like yoga or gym clothes. Loose running shorts must be supplemented by cycling shorts. This is to regain dignity when doing leg work while lying on your back 🙂. Avoid zips at the back, belts, long jewellery, chewing gum.

Footwear: Please leave your shoes in the waiting room. Socks are considered more hygienic in public spaces, but if you prefer bare feet, please make clean and healthy foot skin a priority.

Perfume and body odour must be avoided, especially if you attend the group classes as many people are sensitive to some smells and may even develop an allergic reaction.

Hair must be tied up to prevent your tresses from getting caught in the Pilates apparatus or being left on the mat. Sweeping head motions associated with long hair getting in your face will interfere with the flow of movement and may cause neck discomfort the next day.

Mobile Phones: Kindly switch off your phone before entering the studio. In emergency circumstances, you may keep your cell phone next to you during your class on a vibrating mode, but please take it outside the room if you need to answer it.

Client Testimonials

Nadia Bowers | Broadway actress, (NYC)

Katya is hands down the best Pilates teacher I have ever experienced. I live in New York (for 17 years) and have yet to find a teacher that excites me as much about Pilates. She is warm, fun, soulful, and incredibly caring, but no-nonsense. (She was a Russian ballet dancer after all.) She won’t let you do things the wrong way. Her knowledge of form, anatomy, and how our minds and bodies are connected, is vast. She never stops studying and learning. She is a true master. Often, I would do Pilates and lose interest, but I couldn’t get enough in Cape Town. My neck and back issues disappeared. I began to move through the world differently with my body more lithe and integrated. Cape Town, I am very jealous of you that you have Katya Kinski. As I do Pilates back here in New York, it’s her voice I hear.

Nic Bennett | Triathlete

I had a chronic sacroiliac joint injury caused by trying to play squash like a twenty-year-old when I was thirty-five. After ten years of various treatments and no relief, I turned to Pilates. Eighteen months later the injury has stabilized and I’m hooked. I’m back on a squash court, my swimming is stronger, my running quicker, and I can even turn to look behind when I’m cycling. In the words of James Brown: “I feel good doo be doo be doo be doo!”

John Brazendale | Businessman

I had a discectomy and was struggling to get back into physical activities such as waterskiing. I had heard about Pilates before but dismissed the concept as a fad. But then a friend introduced me to Katya and I found her to be professional and dedicated. After speaking to my surgeon she proceeded on a course of action to get my core muscles into shape. Now I ski most weekends when I’m down at the river.

Amy Ellery | Travel agent (UK)

I had been diagnosed with stenosis, 2 herniated discs and been suffering from very bad sciatica. After trying physiotherapy, steroid injections and Pilates in London and other studios in Cape Town I had almost given up hope. I came to Katya on a recommendation from my chiropractor. Within a few weeks, I had a much broader understanding of my body and reduced my pain by 80%. With much-improved posture, my pain symptoms are now under control. I can honestly say, Katya’s lessons have totally improved my life. She is one of the best teachers and experts I have ever met and I recommend her to my friends and clients worldwide.

Mandy Steyn | Business Manager Sunday Times

Pilates is more than exercise – it is a way of life. It instils a sense of discipline and strength at the core of my body enabling optimal flexibility and vitality. The constant use of breathwork has allowed me total presence and as a result, reduced my anxiety and stress. The confidence and relaxation it has afforded me is evident in all aspects of my life today.