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Pilates Academy SA Presents:
Advanced Pilates Mat Work Course
Camps Bay, Cape Town - 2024 to be Confirmed

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About The Course

You have achieved some fluency in your Pilates Beginner and Intermediate repertoire. Now you are ready to explore the advanced Pilates exercises. This course will address the remaining 10 original archival Joseph Pilates exercises, which require a higher level of awareness, greater flexibility, coordination, beautiful control and fluidity of movement. In this course, you will be also stimulated with contemporary innovative exercises, which guarantee to spice up any workout and elevate the heart rate of your intermediate client. 

Advanced Pilates exercises are meant to be practiced in the context of a variety of exercises at different levels that work together to create a balanced, dynamic workout. Your set of teaching skills must advance too. Learn how to accurately judge when and if your client is ready to progress.

Enhance your teaching skills, stimulate your creativity, build and retain your client base.


Beginner and Intermediate Mat work course attendance at any reputable school of Pilates.

Course Outlines

  • Q&A – Sharing your Beginner-Intermediate mat work teaching experience
  • Postural assessment and fascial line review
  • Full hour master class (Physical review of intermediate mat work)
  • Choreography of 10 original Joseph Pilates’ advanced exercises (goals and application)
  • Modifications and progressions (how to change advanced exercises for individuals with limited movement, when to omit, how to increase the intensity safely)
  • How to make the intermediate workout feel like advanced, if the range of motion is limited
  • How to design a balanced Pilates session
  • Teaching skills
  • Practice teaching
  • The course includes a link to the recording of the advanced repertoire taught by Katya to an intermediate client who is progressing to an advanced level for your home viewing

Previous date: 9 October. 2021, 9am-4pm. 2024 Date to be confirmed.

Cost: TBC

Previous price: R1950 – 9 October 2021.

Early Bird Special:

Early bird special will be available, where early bookings get discounted prices. Payment plans can be arranged. 

Space is limited. Booking early is essential. 

T&Cs apply.

Students and graduates of Pilates Academy SA must adhere to the NPCP Code of Ethics.

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Pilates Cape Town imagePilates Academy SA teacher training courses comply with the standards outlined by the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP), formerly known as Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®). This is the only worldwide register for comprehensively trained Pilates professionals. For more information please visit; www.pilatesmethodalliance .org Although it is optional, with continued Pilates education and working experience, certified instructors may consider writing the NPCP third-party exam. A successful pass in this would enable certified instructors to be registered worldwide. Students and Graduates of the Pilates Academy SA must adhere to the NPCP Code of Ethics.