Course Overview

Scoliosis is one of the most complex postural issues. Targeted rotation is very valuable to analyse restrictions and to unfold muscular imbalances.  You will learn many corrective exercises to help reduce or, at the very least stabilise scoliosis curvatures of various degrees.

We will particularly look at the affected fascial lines.  Sagittal, coronal and transverse views must be taken into account. Each person presents with a different curvature and therefore totally individual movement pattern.  Recognising this is the first step to successfully applied exercises for scoliosis, handedness and for any sport, where one side of the body is being over-utilised.  In this course there is a high focus on detecting and alleviating faulty movement patterns.

As we get older, we settle in the sagittal movement patterns, which restricts proper circulation. Rotation is absolutely vital for healthy ageing.  Flexible spine – flexible mind!

Enhance your teaching skills, stimulate your creativity, build and retain your client base.


The course is designed for medical and movement practitioners. Pilates background is preferred but not essential.

Course Outlines

  • Types of Scoliosis
  • Structural of functional
  • Postural assessment and fascial lines review
  • Severity of the curves
  • Types of handedness
  • Fascial lines and how they get affected
  • Appropriate breathing techniques for individuals with Scoliosis
  • Concept of an “even curve” to reduce strain during movement and create a harmonious alignment.
  • How to add rotation to almost any traditional 2-dimentional exercises
  • Unique rotation exercises to target affected planes of movement
  • Modifications and progressions (how to change exercises for individuals with limited movement, when to omit exercises, how to increase the intensity safely)
  • Introducing resistance with Pilates equipment and accessories to optimise the effectiveness of correction
  • Teaching skills
  • Practice teaching

Date:  Saturday 18 May 2019, 9am-5pm
Venue:  Cape Town

Cost: R1950.00 includes manual

Space is limited.  Book now to avoid disappointment.

Students and Graduates of the Pilates Academy SA must adhere to the NPCP Code of Ethics

Contact: or 083-235-6238

Katya Kinski Pilates Studio


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