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Pilates During Pregnancy

28 Jan 2024

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About The Course

Having been a Pilates teacher for over two decades, I had the privilege of helping many expecting mothers, including gynaecologists and a midwife, to keep fit during and after their pregnancies. However, it was carrying a child of my own that afforded me the most insight into what it is like to experience all the joys, mysteries and discomforts associated with producing a new life.  

The intention of the course is to give you confidence working with pregnant women, to understand the changes she is going through during all 3 trimesters as well as in post-partum stages. Keeping in mind the important guidelines and special precautions you will be able to design effective and safe workouts during pregnancy and beyond while modifying Pilates or other exercises.  Safety first!


The course is designed for certified Pilates instructors or current students as well as biokineticists and physiotherapists who are keen to explore creative Pilates solutions for special populations.

Course Outlines

  • What happens during the Three Trimesters?
  • High-risk conditions under which a doctor is likely to advise against exercise during pregnancy. 
  • Temporary conditions when you have to be cautious and may stop exercise till you feel better.  
  • Difficulties and symptoms that many women experience during pregnancy.
  • Musculoskeletal system (pelvic tilt, spinal compensations, joint laxity and much more).
  • Vascular system
  • Bladder and vaginal problems
  • Nervous system
  • Respiratory system
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Metabolic/endocrine system
  • Guidelines for designing a Pilates workout during pregnancy.
  • Pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
  • Observation of pregnant ladies performing suitable exercises, using the video manual.
  • Practical group work: Designing a safe workout based on the guidelines learned in the course while modifying original Pilates repertoire.
  • Group discussion, questions

Date: 28 Jan 2024 (9AM-3PM)​

Cost: R2500

Early Bird Special: Pay in full by 30 Dec 2023 and receive 20% off.

Payment plans can be arranged. 

Space is limited. Booking early is essential. T&Cs apply.

Students and graduates of Pilates Academy SA must adhere to the NPCP Code of Ethics.

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