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Katya makes this complex topic super simple by explaining the concept of an ideal plumb alignment in normal English (with Russian accent of course). In the experienced hands Pilates system can be extremely valuable for achieving your ideal plumb line. 
Katya Kinski 15 Minute Workout
The surprising challenge the small weights provide will leave your arms and shoulders tingling all over. Use this workout daily for a week and your arms will be transformed. This express workout doesn’t require Pilates background. Check with your doctor if you have any painful condition.
Katya Kinski Lymph Drainage Video
Start your day with 15 minutes of fun swinging moves to power-charge your entire day!!! You will improve your circulation change your mood and will learn interesting facts about your lymph system. Pilates background is not essential. No mat or sports clothes needed. Check with your doctor if you have any painful condition.


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Pilates During Pregnancy
Instructor Course

A course designed to give you confidence working with pregnant women, and understand the changes she is going through during all 3 trimesters and in post-partum stages.

Advanced Pilates Mat Work Course Examples
Advanced Pilates Mat Work
Instructor Course

This course addresses the 10 original archival Joseph Pilates exercises, which require a higher level of awareness, greater flexibility, coordination, beautiful control and fluidity of movement.