What is Pilates and How Can it Help Me?

What is Pilates? Established by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) the technique, designed to improve the quality of movement, has been utilized with enormous success. Compatible with the principles of modern movement science, the technique is based on ease and efficiency of movement.

Consider the graceful and effortless performance of the professional athlete – the long, gliding stroke of the Olympic swimmer, the elegant cover drive executed by the top-level batsman, and the breathtaking leap of the well-trained dancer. Such quality of movement is due to the application of a solid technique. The Pilates technique is one of the most effective movement systems available. Regardless of age or fitness level, Pilates is appropriate for the vast majority of people and is complementary to any sport.

As you master the technique, you will transform and maintain your body by strengthening the core musculature, improving posture and alignment, lengthening the spine, building muscle tone, and increasing joint stability and flexibility. Weight loss is often a welcome side effect. Pilates places intense concentration on deep abdominal and Pelvic floor muscles, which is why Pilates has emerged as the most effective way to flatten your stomach. Locating the deeper core muscles and learning how to use them correctly takes considerable concentration, control and precision. In contrast to exercise techniques that use momentum or mindless repetition, the Pilates method (aptly dubbed “intelligent exercise”) teaches conscious engagement with your movements. By learning to focus on every movement and proper breathing you will develop a sense of integration, fluidity and balance.

Regular practice will dramatically improve your body shape, tone and fitness, will enhance your sports performance and help prevent injuries.

The Pilates method is an ideal component of any rehabilitative program. Under the guidance of an experienced Pilates teacher, it is also a safe and effective form of exercise throughout pregnancy.