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Tutorial: Pilates During Pregnancy

The program has been approved by a registered midwife and it is filmed with 2 beautiful moms to be. One of the ladies on the second trimester, the other is nearly ready to pop. I will share with you what to watch out for at every stage of your pregnancy, and together we will experience a special workout which is fun but safe. (Suitable for all 3 trimesters and no prior Pilates training is required.)


Tutorial: Advanced Pilates Mat Work Course

If you are a Pilates teacher or someone ready to enjoy your next Pilates challenge this course is for you. Enhance your teaching skills, stimulate your creativity, build and retain your client base. Advanced Pilates repertoire requires higher level of awareness, greater flexibility, coordination, beautiful control and fluidity of movement. This course will help you to accurately judge if and when your client is ready to progress.


Tutorial: Better Posture at Your Desk

Office-friendly exercises to reduce back, neck and other postural pains in the form of an easy-to-follow and surprisingly challenging workout, specifically designed for your lunch or teach break. This course’s exercises will help you be more aware of your sitting posture, reduce stress, loosen stiff joints, strengthen the core musculature, improve circulation and reduce mid-afternoon slumps.