Private & Semi-Private Training

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Pilates Cape Town image

Booking is essential

24 hour cancellation policy applies.

Special conditions for newcomers:

If you are a complete beginner we require a minimum of 4 private or semi-private sessions prior to joining any group classes to cover the basic Pilates principles. Irrespective of when during the month you join the studio for the first time, you can pay the starter pack of minimum 4 private sessions. In this way you will get a chance to see if Pilates is your “cup of tea” and if you would like to commit to monthly payments thereafter.

Private and Semi-private training

Treat yourself to an hour dedicated to only you!

Invest in your body with Pilates master teacher Katya Kinski. Work on unfolding your postural patterns and discover the power you never knew you had. Katya will expertly analyse your posture and determine your unique spinal curvatures. Taking into consideration your flexibility, athletic ability, doctor’s advice and your learning style, you will be put through a series of appropriate exercises to explore your strengths and weaknesses . The pace of your workout will be progressively increased to also provide cardiovascular benefits.

You will be taught to use Pilates apparatus and mat work to help you to use your body in a scientifically sound way. Using the gravity of your limbs you will be able to find stability of your pelvic-lumbar region and scapulae. The original principles of Joseph Pilates like centring, breathing, flow, precision, concentration and control will be mixed with the Katya Kinski principles of fun, entertainment and Russian ballet discipline.

Katya’s lessons deliver expertise teamed with imagery and kind humour, developing connection between body, mind and spirit.  Even the smallest improvements in your posture will lead to a better quality of physical and emotional wellbeing

Private lessons are essential before joining any group classes or home video /Zoom options. Four to eight private sessions are usually required before a newcomer will be proficient enough to train in a group. Many clients see so much value in the private lessons that they continue attending them as part of their weekly routine, or decide to combine them with the Pilates group training.

Semi-private lessons

They are the most rewarding when arranged between two close family members or life partners.  Willingness to support and encourage each other, competing playfully and experiencing physical challenges together allows you to have a better understanding of your partner’s needs and make Pilates a bonding time for the two of you, as well as great exercise. You will be using apparatus and mat work.

Some compromise may be required to accommodate the pace of the workout for partners with very different physical abilities.

Private 1 hr lessons
R600In advance by 1st of month
R750Pay as you go
Semi-private sessions 1 hr long
R800/2 people
R400 each
Additional R200 per 3rd person joining
In advance by 1st of month

R900/2 people
R450 each
Additional R200 per 3rd person joining
Pay as you go

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Pilates Cape Town image
Pilates Cape Town image
Pilates Cape Town image
Pilates Cape Town image
Pilates Cape Town image