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Booking is essential
24 hour cancellation policy applies.

Special condition for newcomers:
If you are a complete beginner we require a minimum of 4 private or semi-private sessions prior to joining any group classes to cover the basic Pilates principles. Irrespective of when during the month you join the studio for the first time, you can pay the starter pack of minimum 4 private sessions at the discounted rates.

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In this way you will get a chance to see if Pilates is your "cup of tea" and if you would like to commit to monthly payments thereafter.

Group classes

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Group Classes

Mondays   9.30am Katya
Tuesdays   7.00am Marisa   8.30am Katya  
Wednesdays     8.30am Katya 1.00pm Katya
City Centre
Thursdays     9.30am Katya

  1.00pm Katya
City Centre

The group class rates vary for each instructor.
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Medical Clearance
Please note: as with all exercise programs doctor’s clearance is advised. Where rehabilitation from injury is required your medical practitioner should provide us with a written permission, report and recommendations. We believe in a holistic and positive approach.

We have a great respect for your health and for the heritage of Joseph Pilates and we hope you will share it with us. Therefore we advise all beginners to complete a minimum of 4 private sessions before joining a Pilates group class. Pilates has to be taught step-by-step. Not all exercises are suitable for every person. Often appropriate modifications are required. This will help us to become aware of your strengths and limitations in order to achieve your goals safely and effectively.

Intermediate-Advanced Pilates Group classes
Our classes are well known for their safe approach, upbeat pace and sense of fun. They are attended by many athletes and people with average fitness level who enjoy a challenge and love fun while exercising. We guarantee to raise your heart rate. The main focus is on the postural balance. The class is designed to move every joint and to access muscles you might have never known existed. We aim to help all our clients to establish a proper technique, build the strength and flexibility within safe personal limits. Variety of Pilates equipment and standing functional exercises are used whenever appropriate. Our instructors change the choice of exercises for every class.

Pregnancy / Back-care Classes
Long-range exercises and excessive spinal flexion /extension/ rotation are avoided. The class is a little slower and gentler but a well-rounded workout is assured. Doctor's written consent and sufficient private training is essential if you wish to join. We run these classes by request for a suitable period of time when there is a sufficient amount of interest. The pregnancy only last 9 months and many of the painful or limiting conditions get better over time. It is for this reason we cannot run these classes consistently, eventually most people are able to join our regular Pilates classes.

Pilates for Sport teams - NEW!
Every person who is serious about sport should have good idea how to create a proper alignment and to alleviate postural compensations. Many of the World’s most successful athletes use Pilates to compliment their sport. Katya Kinski has vast experience in teaching the Pilates technique to sportsmen and women. As an elite dancer, trained in one of the finest Russian Ballet Schools and achieving professional success in the highly competitive dance career in spite all the odds, she has deep personal insights to motivating athletes who are willing to achieve high. Her classes are fun and have a strong team work component but most importantly Katya is fabulously skilled at giving proper individual supervision even in a group class setting. Ms. Kinski is ready to share her expertise in order to help South African athletes and sport teams to give their best performance on the National and International arena. The sport specific team classes and individual training can be arranged by request either at her studio in Tamboerskloof or at your regular training venue.

Corporate Pilates Classes
We bring Pilates to your office. These group classes, tailored for the corporate environment, take place on-site at your company premises and can be arranged to occur during lunch breaks or flexi-time.

Our corporate Pilates classes will leave your staff feeling mentally and physically refreshed and more focussed. By improving fitness and developing good postural alignment, back and neck strain can be reduced. As part of your company's wellness program, the Pilates technique can assist in boosting productivity and lowering stress-related absenteeism.

The technique is taught step-by-step to the group as a whole and is suitable for everyone at any fitness level. As with any exercise program, doctor's clearance is advisable.

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