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11 May
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Cost: R1950 each

Early Bird special: Book by 5 April 2019 and save R250

Space is limited.

Contact: katya@pilatescapetown.com or 083 235 6238
7CPD's applied for for each full day workshop

  Pilates Method Alliance:
(International Registration)

After gaining Pilates working experience while continueing Pilates education, certified instructors may potentially decide to write the PMA® (Pilates Method Alliance) exam. Successful completion of this third party PMA® exam enables certified instructors to become registered internationally. For all the details please visit www.pilatesmethodalliance.org

The Academy's Comprehensive Mat and Equipment Instructor Training Programme is compliant with the standards outlined by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®), which is the only Worldwide register for comprehensively trained Pilates professionals.

PMA ® recognises a high standard of education and is governed by a Code of Education and is governed by both a Code of Education and a Code of Ethics of Pilates practitioners.

Students and Graduates of the Pilates Academy SA must adhere to the PMA® Code of Ethics.

Saturday 11 May 2019
Pilates Accessories Course: Small ball, stretch band and roller
7 CRD's (accreditation by University of Stellenbosch applied for)

Learning the Pilates technique

Greatly enhance your Pilates repertoire and your studio offering with small resistance and balance equipment. Over 60 fabulous exercises to involve in you classes. Enhance your teaching skills, stimulate your creativity, build and retain your client base.


The course is designed for certified Pilates practitioners or current students who are ready to further explore creative solutions for appropriately and safely assisting or challenging clients/patients, while using small Pilates Props: Small ball, Stretch ball, Roller.

Learning the Pilates technique

  Course Outlines

•Postural assessment and fascial lines review
• Pilates Breathing technique
• Modifications and progressions (how to change exercises for individuals with limited movement, when to omit exercises, how to increase the intensity safely)
• Teaching skills
• Ball: assist / challenge
• Band: assist / challenge
• Roller: assist / challenge
• Pilates balanced programme design
• Practice teaching

Cost: R1950.

  Some Comments From previous Students

"Loved every second of this course. A perfect complimentary addition to the Pilates Instructor course. Katya’s understanding of the body and the insight it provides is priceless. Amazing people, atmosphere, content, the whole experience! Thank you!"
Erin Milwidsky (Biokineticist)

"Wonderful course, lots of lovely exercises. Very well demonstrated, taught and corrected. Fun and informative."
Hayley Schuter (Physiotherapist)

"Very well presented course, relevant content, creative and practical exercises with modifications, advancements and adjustments for all postural conditions. Highly recommended to all Pilates instructors. "
Ali Williams (Personal trainer/ Pilates teacher)

Sunday 18 May 2019
Pilates with rotation for scoliosis and sport
7 CRD's (accreditation by University of Stellenbosch applied for)

Learning the Pilates technique

Scoliosis is about much more than just spine. Pilates often gets accused of being 2-dimentional. In this innovative Pilates based workshop we will focus on rotation, while exploring all the fascial lines in relation to individual scoliosis/handedness patterns. You will gain more confidence while creating safe and effective solutions for a real person in front of you.


This workshop is designed for Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Sport professionals, who are familiar with Pilates method, as well as certified Pilates/ movement teachers or current students who are ready to explore movement for appropriately and safely assisting or challenging clients/patients with scoliosis under medical guidance, depending on the degree of curvatures.

  Course Outlines

•Postural assessment and fascial lines review
• Postural assessment and fascial lines review
• C-shaped Scoliosis
• S-shaped Scoliosis
• Unilateral rotation dysfunction
• Selecting appropriate breathing techniques for each unique pattern
• When to avoid rotation
• Scoliosis or handedness caused by athletic activities
• Sports specific conditioning to avoid/minimise irregular muscular development
• Selecting traditional and innovative Pilates exercises with rotation for specific curvatures.
• Balanced program design
• Empowering an individual
• Practice teaching

Cost: R1950.

Space is limited.

Contact: katya@pilatescapetown.com or 083 235 6238

  Some Comments From previous Students

"I definitely feel more confident prescribing exercises for patients with scoliosis after attending this course and would recommend it to colleagues."
Simone Bell (Physiotherapist/Pilates teacher)

"Informative, brilliant content, my understanding of scoliosis is far better now. This course should be done by all Pilates teachers as part of their growing process."
Adele Baxter (Pilates teacher)

"Very helpful course with clever, interesting, new exercises."
Petra Hatfield (Physiotherapist/Pilates teacher)

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