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Terms & Conditions

All our instructors work independently and are no longer regulated by Katya Kinski Pilates Studio as from 1 November 2012.  Please keep in mind that each instructor has own set of rules for running their private and group classes. Please insist that instructors inform you of those rules before you book with any of them. Here are the rules for bookings with Katya only

Different rules apply to Group, Private and Semi-Private training sessions. Please read carefully below.

Group class payments
The discounted prices for group classes will be applicable only if you choose the option of booking your weekly classes for the entire month by the 1st date of each month.

Please note, that the space is limited as I will now book a maximum of 8 people per class. In order to keep your guarantied space in the class, your monthly payments are due on the 1st date of each month. For added convenience we encourage you to make payments via debit order.

Due to the fact that most classes are fully booked, I am unable to offer make up option for your missed classes, even if I receive a timely notice from you. Apologies....

If you know that you will be away and will not be able to attend some or most of the classes scheduled in each month, you may prefer the pay-as -you-go option. In this case at least 1 week notice will be required if you normally attend on the monthly basis as I would like to have an option of allocating your space to a person on the waiting list. I will not be able to guarantee that your space is still available on your return but will put you on the waiting list till there is a vacancy. The ad-hoc bookings are subject to space availability.

As a general rule the Studio is closed on public holidays. Class monthly fee structure is calculated according to a flat monthly rate based on the studio being closed for 4 weeks per year, which includes public holidays.  There will be a separate payment option for December-January holidays and you will be notified annually depending on the studio's closure dates for the Festive season.

If you accept the monthly rate option for your group classes, the money will not be refunded or transferred to the following months. This is in keeping with the policies of other studios in Cape Town.

Group Class Monthly booking Cancelations
I will continue booking you for the same group class every month, unless you give me at least 1 week's notice (before month-end) that you no longer wish to keep it. Your prompt notice or cancellation allows for the clients who are on the group-class waiting lists to be booked for the following month and enables me to change or cancel group classes, if necessary. I believe in your Good Will and always based my business on this principle.  It worked really well for the last decade of running the studio: taking deposits would be showing you the lack of trust.  Therefore I will appreciate it if you please consider the people on the waiting list and the fact that I pay an additional rental for using the group class space, irrespective of the attendance. Should you not be able to or forget to provide me with the above mentioned 1 week notice of cancelation or interruption of the monthly booking, please kindly make a deposit for that month. I thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Private Sessions
After completing your initial 4 private sessions, please switch to monthly payments. To qualify for the discounted rate, please pay in-advance by the 1st day of each month. It is advisable to do Pilates at least once a week to enjoy its benefits. Any additional sessions or classes requested after the due date (1st of each month) will be charged at the normal pay-as-you-go rate.

If I put you in touch with one of my trusted instructors, please keep in touch with them directly
. Kindly make sure that you exchange telephone numbers and email addresses when you make your first booking and communicate with your instructor from that point onwards.

Semi-Private sessions
This is a budget friendly option.

The scheduling of semi-privates may become complicated if, for example, your semi-private partner is ill or away. When we introduce you to your semi-private partner, please ensure that you exchange phone numbers and other appropriate details. If one of the partners needs to cancel or change a session before the 24 hour cut off time, please communicate with each other, make a decision as a team, then contact your instructor as to whether you would like to cancel the session altogether or have one partner keep the booking and pay the private rate for the appointment. The instructors cannot receive less than their hourly rate. If you are not able to collectively give us 24 hour notice of cancellation, in fairness to your partner, please forfeit your regular semi-private fee for that session. This will ensure that your partner can utilise the appointment at the budget price.

For semi-private appointments please keep in touch with your instructor.

Cancellations for private or semi-private sessions
The cut off time for cancelling or changing your private or semi-private booking is strictly 24 hours before your appointment. Please notify us of your Monday absence by the latest Friday afternoon. Should you need to change your appointment to another time during the same day at less than 24 hour notice during a week or by Friday afternoon for Monday appointments, you may be required to pay for both appointments that day, as your original time could have been allocated to another client. The possibility of changing times may depend on your instructor's schedule. Due to the studio's busy schedule and the subsequent demand for regular training times, all missed appointments and absences will regrettably be charged for. Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions.

Should you provide me with the 24 hour notice of cancellation, I will be happy to be flexible at transferring your paid-in-advance Private or Semi-private lessons to the following month if necessary.

In case of an instructor's illness or absence due to other unforeseen circumstances we will arrange for another trusted instructor from our team to take your session and will let you know before you come to the studio which one of them is available. If you prefer to work only with your regular instructor, you will not be charged for that session.

Group classes and Private sessions may be transferred to family and friends
If due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to change or cancel your appointment on time, you may ask a family member or a friend to make use of your private time slot in your absence.

You may do the same for group classes but only on condition that the person you would like to send in your place has done enough Pilates before to cope with the physical demands of the class. We unfortunately do not allow complete beginners in any group classes. This is to prevent injuries and in consideration to all the other clients.

Important notes

Mobile Phones
In consideration to other clients please switch off your phone at the reception before entering the class rooms. In emergency circumstances you may keep your cell phone next to you during your class on a vibrating mode, but please take it outside the room if you need to answer it.

Generally, Pilates exercises are safe and maximum care will be taken by the instructors. However as with all exercise forms it is important to seek medical advice before starting Pilates.   Please ensure that you have any necessary medication with you and kindly inform your instructor how to use it in an emergency. Your Gynaecologist's consent is required if you are pregnant. Katya Kinski Pilates Studio will not be held responsible for any and all loss, damage, accidents or injuries of any nature arising from any cause whatsoever. Please kindly refrain from leaving any valuables in the bathroom or reception. There are lockers provided for your convenience, please bring a padlock with you if you would like to store valuable items while you train.

Bank details
You may pay cash or transfer directly to this account. Unfortunately we do not have credit card facilities.

Katya Kinski Pilates Studio
FNB, Rondebosch,
Branch code 201 509
Cheque acc 620 4642 4321

Please email proof of payment to katya@pilatescapetown.com. As a reference, please put down your name and surname. If possible please also mention how many private sessions or classes you are paying for. This will ensure that I am able to book you into the relevant time slot for the month.

Finally a note on Hygiene
Please avoid wearing perfume or perfumed deodorant, especially if you attend Group classes. Many people have allergies and develop headaches.

The studio is a 'shoe free' zone. Please remove your shoes in the reception before entering the studios.

Skin infections. For your protection it is advisable to wear socks to class (especially if you suspect you have a skin infection problem).

If you don't enjoy wearing socks for Pilates, please make clean and healthy feet a priority. Wearing socks for Pilates on the FlowinŽ plates, however, is compulsory. No socks, no FlowinŽ. For your safety please avoid chewing gum during any exercise.

Bank details:
You may pay cash or transfer directly to this account. Unfortunately we do not have credit card facilities.
Katya Kinski Pilates Studio
FNB, Rondebosch,
Branch code: 201 509
Cheque account: 620 4642 4321

Please email proof of payment to katya@pilatescapetown.com. As a reference, please put down your name and surname. If possible please also mention how many private sessions or classes you are paying for.
This will ensure that I am able to book you into the relevant time slot for the month.

Many thanks for being part of the Katya Kinski Pilates Studio. We look forward to assisting you in your quest to achieve your best postural and fitness goals.

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